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Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S CPUs Being Listed On Multiple Retail Websites - Increased Prices?

Intel is set to launch their Rocket Lake-S desktop 11th gen CPUs in the market and reports suggest that the CPUs will go up for pre-order starting March 16th and the reviews and actual sales of the CPUs will start starting March 30th. But before that happens there are multiple retailers who have listed the 11th gen Rocket Lake-S CPUs on their online retail websites along side the respective prices for the corresponding 11th gen CPUs. Please note that these prices could be preliminary and the CPUs might sell for lesser prices when they actually officially launch.

Today's news comes from multiple retail stores around the globe who have listed the 11th gen Rocket Lake-S CPUs and one of them, Mindfactory - a German retailer, is even selling them in Germany ahead of launch and to top it all off they (Mindfactory) reportedly told one of their customers that they are allowed to sell them.

German Retailer Mindfactory Starts Selling Intel Core i7 11700K For €469:

Mind Factory - A German Retailer - Listed Intel Core i7 11700K For €469 (Source)
Though the CPU seems to be in limited supply at the retailer, the fact that it is going on sale even before the official announcement of the CPU from Intel themselves is mind boggling. Also the €469 price tag on a 8 Core 16 Thread CPU is high, very high compared to the Intel Core i7 10700K that is listed for €317.50 at the same retailer. This could well be preliminary pricing and once the product is actually officially launched / announced by Intel the official pricing could be lower. But this does not explain why every retailer who listed the CPUs have higher prices, hopefully it is not a price increase from Intel for its 11th gen CPUs.

Mindfactory Reportedly Confirmed That They Are Allowed To Sell Intel Core i7 11700K:


When one of the customers, twitter user @d3rbytbb, reached out to Mindfactory support team regarding the listing - When asked (translated) -

Is there a mistake with you?
I see it is already for sale
it shouldn't go on sale until the end of March.
Is it really already available for order and also usable?
The Mindfactory support had this to say in reply (translated) - 

Yes, we are already allowed to offer the article.

So what is actually happening? We cannot say anything for sure yet.

Danish Retailer Lists Intel Core i7 11700K For €497 Euro:

This listing of Intel Core i7 11700K on a Danish Retailer's (CompuMail) website was found and shared by twitter user @rogame. At the retailer the CPU is listed for 3,699DKK or 3699 Danish Krone which is about €497 Euros. Though they, on their website, have reported that they have the CPUs in stock while the expected delivery date is March 01 (if the order was place at the time of writing this article) we are not sure if they actually have the CPUs in hand as they didn't list any photos of the part.

US Retailer Milwaukee PC lists 11th Gen CPUs With Prices - Placeholders?

A US based retailer Milwaukee PC has also listed several Intel 11th gen Rocket Lake-S Core i CPUs with prices and the previously reported prices from other retailers for the Intel Core i7 11700K is in line with what Milwaukee PC listed ($484.99 USD) the CPU for. This listing was found and shared by twitter user @Harukaze5719. The Intel Core i7 11700KF, 11700, 11700F are listed for $454.99, $389.99, $359.99 USD respectively.

Additionally the flagship - another 8 core 16 thread CPU but with higher boost clocks - Intel Core i9 11900K, 11900KF, 11900 & 11900F are listed for $599.99, $579.99, $509.99 & $479.99 USD respectively.

From the hugely popular, 6 core 12 thread CPUs, Core i5 Series the Intel Core i5 11600K, 11600, 11500, 11400 and 11400F are listed for $309.99, $279.99, $264.99, $234.99, $214.99 and $179.99 USD respectively.
As we pointed earlier in our previous article, the Intel Core i7 11700K beats the AMD Ryzen 5 5800X in single core performance and stays very competitive in multi-core workloads at least in Geekbench benchmark and when paired with a good RAM kit upwards of 3600MHz.
If Intel, unfortunately, increases the prices of their Rocket Lake-S CPUs then they could in more competition with their own previous gen Comet Lake-S counterparts given their recently slashed prices which to be honest are a compelling buy. Also if this launch results in a price increase then those Ryzen 5 5800X and Ryzen 5 5600X prices are going no where and not any time soon.

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So are the performance gains are what Intel thinks is a reason good reason to increase the prices of their upcoming 11th gen Rocket Lake-S CPUs? Or do you think these prices are just preliminary pricing / place holder pricing? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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