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Intel Core i9 11900K & i7 11700K Leaked Benchmarks Suggest Gaming Crown Will Be Reclaimed

Intel's answer to AMD's Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 CPUs is going to be its 11th gen Rocket Lake-S CPUs on the desktop side of things. The 11th gen Intel CPUs code named Rocket Lake will be based on the all new Cypress Cove architecture but will be still be on the 14nm process. The high end CPU in the Rocket Lake - S line up the Intel Core i9 11900K will top out at 8 cores and 16 threads and the Core i7 11700K will have the same core and thread count at 8 cores and 16 threads but it would also be safe to assume that the Core i9 will have higher clocks compared to the Core i7.
Today we are going to look at leaked CPU-Z benchmarks of the top of the line 11th Gen Rocket Lake - S CPUs - Intel Core i9 11900K and the Intel Core i7 11700K and compare them to AMD's latest Zen 3 based offerings that currently hold the gaming crown. The leaks came from Chiphell Forums and was shared by @9950pro and @OneRaichu on twitter. The charts are put together by @harukaze5719 with the CPU-Z scores for 11900K and 11700K were taken from the leaked date, the scores for Ryzen 7 5800X and Core i7 10700K was taken from Guru3D reviews so take the comparisons with a grain of salt as the test set up for all the CPUs is not exactly the same.

Single Core Performance:

Coming to the Single Core scores the new 11th gen CPUs are chart toppers and at 5.2GHz boost clock the Core i9 11900K is the only CPU that breaks the 700 points bar in the CPU-Z data base till date scoring 706 points - obviously CPUs on air / water cooling is what we are referring to here and not the CPUs on any kind of exotic cooling. Both the 11th gen Core i7 which scored 673 points and the Core i9 are beating the Ryzen 7 5800X which scored 663 points in the single core performance by 1.5% and 6.5% respectively while the newer i7 11700K beats the older i7 10700K by a whopping 17.8%. These higher scores can be associated with the IPC gains of the new Cypress Cove architecture as well as possibly higher core clocks on the CPUs.

Here's a list of Single Core scores of other AMD and Intel CPUs for you to compare from Guru3D:

Multi-Core Performance:


Multi score performance of the high end Intel Core i9 11900K is unimpressive to say the least given that the flagship i9 CPU being a 8 Core 16 Thread only manages to score 7,199 points ,which is impressive for a 8 Core CPU - don't get me wrong here, and beats AMD's 8 Core 16 Thread offering, in the form of Ryzen 7 5800X, by about 6.4% which is no where close to the ball park of the Ryzen 9 5900X which is a 12 Core 24 Thread CPU and it is more likely than not that Intel will price the i9 close to the Ryzen 9 and not the Ryzen 7. It is to be noted that the 8 Core - Core i9 11900K just edges out the last year's flagship 10 Core - Core i9 10900K. Here's a chart showing the performance numbers of different Intel and AMD CPUs from GURU3D:
While the actual competitor to the Ryzen 7 5800X in terms of pricing - the Core i7 11700K which is also a 8 Core 16 Thread part and scored 6,381 points still falls behind by about 5.7% in the multi-threaded performance numbers.

Tentative Launch Dates:

The next gen 500 Series Chipset motherboards will allegedly launch on 11th January, 2021 during CES and the 11th Gen CPUs themselves are rumoured to be launched somewhere between Mid-March to end of March. The 11th Gen Rocket Lake - S CPUs will be supported on the LGA1200 socket motherboards i.e. Z490, B460 and H410 chipset based motherboards.
Are you excited for the upcoming Intel's 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPUs? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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