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Here's A First Look At XBOX Series X Official Retial Packaging Box And Its Insides

Credits: @LinusTech

The XBOX Series X will initially starting shipping on November 10th to the customers who preordered it a month ago i.e. on September 22nd. As you can see the packaging box of the XBOX Series X is tiny just like the console itself (a sizeable mini-ITX PC but a console). The box is a cardboard box with XBOX logo, Series X branding, 1TB SSD and 4K 120Hz printed on the black cardboard box with green accents. Those green accents which I am sure should be reminding me of XBOX is actually doing at poor job of it and is actually reminding me of NVIDIA's GPU boxes - oddly enough. On the side (top side in the image above) of the box you can see the printed Console and along side is the Controller.

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Credits: @LinusTech

Upon opening the box you will be greeted with a wrap-around leaflet with the words "POWER YOUR DREAMS" printed on it with the XBOX Series X Holes with lighting in the background and the XBOX logo on the lower bottom of the leaflet. 

The leaflet is wrapped around a black cover of some material (I am not expert in looking at a cover in a photo and determining its material but if you are that expert do let us know down in the comments section below so I can update the article with the correct info). Inside of this cover will be your XBOX waiting to be plugged in to a 4K 120Hz display to make the most out of the console. The console itself is placed in a thick black foam that is meant to protect it from being damaged in shipping.

Source: Twitter

As you can see from this image that got leaked 3 weeks ago on twitter the green accent at the bottom of the front view of the XBOX Series X packaging box is not just a strip of green but the whole side / under side of the box is green.

The XBOX Series X has a Zen 2 based 8 core 16 thread AMD CPU with RDNA2 based GPU for the graphics power to run games at 4K 120fps in games that support it.

The XBOX Series X can also be purchased with the XBOX All Access Subscription Model by paying $35 USD a month for the next 2 years which also gives you access to almost all the XBOX games that are available on the XBOX Game Pass Ultimate which would otherwise cost you an extra $5 USD a month if you were to purchase the Console separately and then get the XBOX Game Pass Ultimate Subscription to be paid every month.


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