Sony Finally Revealed The Internal Components Of The PlayStation 5 By Tearing It Down - Watch Here - PC SEEKERS

Sony Finally Revealed The Internal Components Of The PlayStation 5 By Tearing It Down - Watch Here

Sony released a video showing the tear-down of the PS5

Sony an hour ago released an official teardown video of its latest console the PlayStation 5 aka PS5. Sony have already put the console up for pre-orders (I wish you best luck when pre-ordering one when or if any stock goes on pre-orders again) and will start shipping them to its customers, who could pre-order one in the minute that the console was up for pre-orders before going out of stock, starting November 12 in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Mexico and November 19 for the rest of the world.


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PlayStation 5 Official tear-down

The video starts with the demonstrator quoting the size of the console which is 104mm wide, 390mm high and 260mm deep (4.1 inches wide, 15.35 inches high and 10.24 inches deep for our US visitors). Then he goes on to give an over-look of the I/O ports on the front and back of the console. It has 1 SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps Type-C port and 1 Hi-speed USB Type-A port on the front and 2 SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps Type-A ports , 1 HDMI port and 1 AC IN power connector on the back.

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Then the demonstrator demonstrates how you can use the stand to keep the console in vertical or horizontal alignment based on your liking/requirement. All it requires you is to undo one screw which can be stored on the stand itself. You can close the screw hole with a cap which is also stored inside the base stand itself.

Double-sided air intake 120mm fan in PS5

Coming to the teardown, looks like the side panels can easily be removed by the customers if they do not like the white look of the PS5 and want to replace those with custom panels or even custom paint it to their liking. Upon removing the side panel you will see a 120mm fan which is 45mm thick that aids in cooling the console by pulling air from both sides (double-sided air intake) and exhausting it out the rear end. There are also 2 "Dust Catchers" that can be vacuumed to pull the dust out of the console.


M.2 slot on PS5 for PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSDs

You can even easily upgrade your storage later down in the future if you need more space on the console to store all your games. There is a PCIe m.2 slot that supports PCIe m.2 Gen 4 NVMe SSDs.

Ultra HD Blu-ray drive found inside the PS5

After you remove the fan and the plastic casing you will be greeted with the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive covered with sheet metal case insulated on both sides. You will also get access to the WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 antennas.


Die of the PS5 that contains both CPU and GPU. So an APU.

Later after you remove the protective shield that protects the motherboard you will get access to the motherboard itself. The CPU is a Zen 2 based 8 core 16 thread processor boosting up to 3.5GHz and the GPU is based on the RDNA2 architecture boosting upto 2.23 GHz and delivers upto 10.3 TFLOPS of performance. On the back side you will find the 16GB GDDR6 memory chips distributed in 8 modules.


PS5 heat-sink with 4 heat pipes

The SoC (System on Chip) is cooled with a massive heat-sink and the Thermal Interface Material (TIM) used, for contact between the die and the heat-sink, is liquid metal.

Onboard 825GB SSD with a custom SSD Controller

You will also find the 825GB onboard SSD that Sony used for storage with a custom SSD controller for faster load times. It also has a power-supply rated for 350W.

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