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NAVI 21XT AIB Cards Can Hit 2500+MHz Clocks - AMD Might Still Have Driver Issues On Launch


AMD will announce their Big Navi aka Radeon RX 6000 Series of GPUs on October 28th. But before that happens we are getting a lot of leaks, rumours and speculations about the next gen graphics cards from AMD. Today the story comes from @patrickschur_ who has been a reliable source of information in the past. @patrickschur_ on his twitter account shared boost clock frequency information of an Asus Navi 21XT - Engineering board which is expected to be the "Big Navi - RX 6800 XT".
According to Patrick, the ASUS RX 6800 XT - Navi 21XT - Engineering board was ran on 3 systems all running 3DMark 11 (which is a DirectX 11 gaming benchmark) with the GPUs reaching maximum frequencies of 2556MHz for System 1, 2394MHz on system 2 and 2489MHz on system 3 while the average frequencies hitting somewhere between 2291MHz on System 1, 2289MHz on system 2 and 2092MHz on System 3.

Patrick also reported the median frequencies at 2373MHz, 2301MHz and 2320MHz for Systems 1, 2 and 3 respectively. He also reported the TGP to be 289W (Total Graphics Power = (according to Patrick) power dissipated to GPU and GDDR6).

As to why the frequencies vary so much, Patrick blamed it on the drivers. So, does this mean AMD might have issues on launch? May be yes, may be no. Yes because at this point it feels like almost all companies are releasing products early in the market without testing the software which is resulting in driver issues - as what happened with the RX 5700 Series that was plagued with driver issues for 8 months and Ampere capacitor fiasco which eventually got solved with a driver update.

Update: @patrickschur_ have also posted clocks for cards with a TGP of 255W. Still hitting greater than 2.5GHz even with lower power consumption. But it is possible that at 290W the clocks are more stable at 2.5GHz instead of just sudden bursts.
Considering this is still just an Engineering board and not the final card, there is still possibility of and room for improvement and the clocks might improve higher and if Big Navi 21XT aka RX 6800 XT AIB cards can hit 2.5GHz peak clocks I wonder what the Biggest Navi aka RX 6900 XT can achieve. 
What are your thoughts on it and AMD's driver situation after launch? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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