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Intel's IRIS Xe MAX Discrete XE GPU Spotted - Benchmarks Leaked

Intel IRIS Xe MAX Branding & Logo
About a month ago Intel had released a promotional video on their official YouTube Channel which was meant to show off the new Intel branding and logos. It also had a glimpse of the Intel Iris Xe MAX branding which nobody knew or heard of before neither did Intel announce it ever. Today credits to @TUM_APISAK who found and shared the benchmarks on twitter we now know that this brand actually is and where its GPU stands in the market which contains the likes of AMD and NVIDIA in the form of competition

What is Intel IRIS Xe MAX?

Intel IRIS Xe MAX Performance Numbers: Details here.

So the benchmarks and leaks were originally found CompuBench's data base and leaked by @TUM_APISAK on twitter. The details in the benchmarks suggest that the IRIS Xe MAX GPUs are discrete graphics for laptops. Intel has already announced their Tiger Lake CPUs for the laptop market that comes with the new Xe graphics integrated into them, and to be blunt early benchmarks suggest that these new iGPUs in the 11th gen Intel CPUs are faster than AMD's Vega offerings.
These Intel discrete GPU numbers suggest that it will compete against the likes of NVIDIA's & AMD's discrete mobile GPUs in the laptop market.

Intel IRIS Xe MAX Performance Is About 11% Faster In Compute Performance Compared to Intel IRIS Xe iGPU:

Intel IRIS Xe MAX compared to GTX 1050 max-q: Here

As the comparison numbers suggest, (ignoring the different APIs used) the early version of the Intel's discrete laptop GPUs are on par with NVIDIA 1050 Ti Max-Q design. The benchmarks on the Intel GPU were performed using the OpenCL API where as the NVIDIA offering was tested using the CUDA API. CompuBench measures the compute performance of OpenCL and CUDA GPUs.
In a direct comparison the Intel IRIS Xe Max discrete GPU ranges anywhere between -2% to 18% faster in compute performance compared to the Intel IRIS Xe iGPU found in the Tiger Lake CPUs. Overall this discrete GPU is around 11% faster compared the iGPU that is based on the same architecture.
So are you excited about Intel graphics? Do let us know down in the comments section below.
Source: @TUM_APISAK 

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