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A User Posted Fake Picture Of Sapphire Nitro+ 6800XT Box On Reddit

A reddit user posted a photoshopped Sapphire Rx 6800XT Box

Today's story comes from reddit where are a user posted fake a Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 6800XT box. The post was deleted by the user just minutes after it was posted. But before that happened @TUM_APISAK was quick enough to share the post on twitter that made sure we could take a quick look at the image before it was gone forever. The user might have followed the leaks in the recent past pointing towards RX 6800XT and RX 6900XT consisting of 16GB VRAM so he must have edited that part to make it look more convincing as you can see in the bottom-right of the image - it is cut more than half but we can still make it out that it was 16GB printed there.
As to what confirms that the picture posted is a fake is the styling, the old Radeon logo and the way the numbers 6-8-0-0 were pasted / photoshopped in a misaligned manner on to a picture of a box. Also the 'XT' is in a smaller sized font compared to the RX 6800 which is very unusual if you look at previous branding from AMD and Sapphire themselves.

Unusual branding style on the photoshopped Imgae

This unusual style of branding confirms an amateur Photoshop user (now we know that the user was using MS Paint and not Photoshop, still amateur work) who tried to pull a fast one but miserably failed as users were quickly able to point out the irregularities and confirmed it to be fake.
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