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Windows 20H2 Update To Bring New Start Menu, Chromium Based Edge & More - Release Date

New sleeker looking Windows 10 Start Menu
In our last article on Windows, dating 2 months back to 15th of July, we wrote that Microsoft was working on a new sleeker looking Windows Start Menu. This sleeker looking Start Menu was available to Window's Beta testers through the Windows Insider Program but the general user had to wait for Microsoft to release their Fall update, which according to Microsoft's blog post suggests that it is going to be released in the month of November. This update major fall update is not just a bug fixer for 'known issues' and a security patch but it also set to bring in a few UI Changes and the over-all look of the Windows will be a lot more customizable. So let's dive into it.

Release Date & Name of the Update:

Microsoft has not announced any release date for the update yet, but based on what we can see on the Windows blog, we can safely assume that the update will hit the computers of the general users in the month of November. Microsoft is calling this update as 20H2 Update, and if Microsoft sticks to its previous naming scheme the update will be named Windows 10 November 2020 Update, assuming that the Update is going to be released in November. The name might change based on the month of its release.

What's New?

  • The new Windows 10 20H2 Update will bring a new Start Menu.
  • The Menu will be Theme-Aware i.e. it will change according to the theme set by the user be it a dark theme or light theme.
  • The Start Menu will be a total over-haul of the existing Start Menu.
  • The Users can choose to continue with their current Start Menu design if they do not like the new start menu.
  • The new Start Menu applies a partially transparent background to the tiles.
  • The Windows 10 20H2 Update will have a Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser fully integrated into it. 
  • Windows 10 20H2 update will improve tablet experience in Windows 10 for 2-in-1 laptops. 
  • Changing Refresh rate of your monitor now becomes easier by going to SettingsSystemDisplayAdvanced display settings and easily change the Refresh rate. (You no more will have to then click and display adapter properties and click on the Monitor tab and then change the refresh rate. Effectively it's 3 clicks less.)
  • They are moving more control panel settings to the settings app, indicating a slow phasing out of the old but gold control panel.

Note that, in the current Windows 10 build that you are sporting on your Windows device the Microsoft Edge you find is a non-chromium based version. You can download the Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser for now. Later with the Windows 10 20H2 update, the chromium based Microsoft Edge Browser will be fully integrated into the OS.

Source: Microsoft
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