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Cloud Storage Recommendations For You

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Moving your files around using USB drives or optical media can be exhausting, plus you want to have your important files and documents at least in 2 different locations that can easily be accessible, so that if one source fails or stops working you can always access the files through the second source. That's where cloud storage comes in. Cloud storage basically means that you can store your files on the internet (on servers to be precise, which is also referred to as the 'Cloud') and access them with any device from any place around the world so long as you have an internet connection and your login ID and password.

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With that said, there are multiple cloud storage services that you can choose from to use, but which one should you choose? We will try to answer that question for you based on a few general requirements and a budget (if you need a lot of storage space to save your files on the server). I cannot cover every single cloud storage options here so we will only list and compare the well known and reputed cloud storage services and providers who have security in place and also have sync  service so you don't have to remember to upload your files to the cloud. Let's start.

Google Drive:

Credits: Google Drive

Google Drive gives 15GB of free storage as soon as you create a new account. This makes Google Drive a very compelling option. Google Drive also gives you access to the built in Google's own Office suite where you can create and edit documents, spread sheets and presentations. With Google Drive you can upload and download using the website or you can download the Sync Desktop app to sync your local files on you computer to get uploaded automatically to the cloud which you can access whenever required from any place and virtually from any device. It has almost zero compatibility issues with IOS and Android devices.



Credits: Google One


Once you exhaust your 15GB of free storage you have to pay ₹1,300/year for 100GB of storage, ₹2,100/year for 200GB of storage or you can go a step further and pay ₹6,500/year for 2TB storage.



  • While the 15GB of free storage is great, it is important to note that this storage space is share across all Google Drive services which include your Gmail account and other services such as Google Photos.
  • If you create documents, spread sheets and presentations using Google's Office Suite then you have export/save those files to edit them in other programs.
  • Doesn't have a plan for storage requirements greater than 2TB.


Credits: Dropbox


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage options mainly because of its simplicity and reliability. Almost any type of file can be stored in Dropbox. All your files are automatically uploaded and can be easily accessed through the Desktop app via Windows, Mac OS or Linux. You can also access your files with the mobile app on IOS and Android devices. Another great thing about Dropbox is that, because it is a Microsoft product, it can easily be integrated with other programs like Microsoft Office. You can share your files with other people even if they don't have a Dropbox account. 



Dropbox charges you $119.88/year (₹8,754/year) for a 2TB plan and $199/year (₹14,532/year) for a 3TB plan.


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  • Dropbox is costlier compared to Google Drive's 2TB plan.
  • Dropbox is free only for the first 2GB of storage which is tiny compared to today's requirements.
  • Desktop app is not very user friendly.
  • Dropbox does not allow folder locking. If someone has access to your account, all of the files and folders can be accessed at any time.



One greatest advantage of OneDrive is that it is directly integrated into Windows so you have access to it as soon as you install the OS on your PC. Similar to Dropbox and Google, you can access any file that you have stored on OneDrive using the website, desktop app for Windows and Mac OS as well for Android. OneDrive works very well with Microsoft Office.




Microsoft offers a 100GB cloud storage plan at ₹123/month which is ₹1,476/year, a 1TB storage plan for ₹4,199/year and a 6TB storage plan for ₹5,299/year.



  • OneDrive has Automatic File Organization which is broken and sometimes the program does not always put your files where they need to be.
  • Few users have also complained in the past that OneDrive does not always sync your files.
  • Not all OneDrive plans include access to the Microsoft Office plans.


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Do you use cloud storage, if yes, which cloud storage did you choose and why? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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