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SSD And RAM Prices Have Come Down In INDIA - Our Recommendations For You To Buy

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Adding an SSD have now become the cheapest way you can upgrade your PC to get a better performance experience. 10 years ago this "Cheap Performance Upgrade" crown was held by RAM. The general consensus was to add more "Cheaper" RAM (yeah back then it was cheap) and it had a night and day difference in performance. Now this "Cheap Performance upgrade" crown is held by SSDs.

Why Should You Upgrade?

Going from a HDD to an SSD, even if it is just a SATA III interface SSD, the performance difference, low load times and the snappiness of the PC you experience is huge. Adding on this, the cheaper prices of SSDs in India are really are a reason why you should get an SSD if you don't have one already. 
And if you are on a single channel RAM stick then it is also a great time to get yourself another RAM stick so that you can go to Dual channel memory and gain that extra performance that you left on the table when you got yourself a single RAM stick instead of two sticks because of budget constraints.

Why Is Now The Right Time To Upgrade?

This is a good time to increase your PC performance by upgrading your RAM and Storage (From HDD to SSD or from a DRAM-less SSD to one with a DRAM chip on it) because, as you would have noticed from the title of this article, the memory prices in India have gone down drastically by upto 22% and even more in some cases. You can compare old and new prices of SSD and RAM by checking out our PC builds section where we have listed our PC component recommendations for PC builds at every price point.

All of that said, I'll list a few of my own SSD and RAM recommendations at cheapest prices available in India.

Our Recommendations:

Single Channel RAM:

Note: If you wish you can buy 2 RAM sticks of same memory size and timings and use these options in a dual channel configuration.

     8GB Sticks:

     16GB Sticks:


     32GB Sticks:

Dual Channel RAM:


     16GB Kit:


     32GB Kit:









  • At this price point there is no reason to get a DRAM-less SSD.
  • Cheapest 1TB SSD with DRAM: ADATA SU800 1TB at ₹9,865/-. I would also rather suggest you to go with the NVMe SSD that I have listed below.






Check out our Buying Guides Section for all our recommendations on different PC components.
So which SSD or RAM you are going for? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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