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AMD's Rembrandt APUs To Be Based On 6nm & Have Zen 3 Cores & RDNA2 iGPU

A recent AMD Roadmap, that got leaked, is suggesting that the next generation AMD Ryzen 6000 APUs (APU = CPU + iGPU), code named Rembrandt, will be based on TSMC's 6nm process node with CPU Cores based on the Zen 3 architecture and and integrated GPU (iGPU) based on the RDNA2 or Navi 2x architecture as AMD calls it and has support for DDR5-5200MHz RAM, 20x PCIe 4.0 lanes and 2 USB4 ports. What does it mean for the consumers? What does it mean for AMD and Intel? Let's analyze.
The leak was posted by a twitter user, with the twitter handle @patrickschur_, claiming that the AMD Rembrandt APUs will come with DDR5 memory support, supporting up to DDR5-5200MHz RAM, 20x PCIe 4.0 lanes and 2 USB4 ports with a rated speed upto 40Gbps.

This was later confirmed by another twitter user, with the the twitter handle @MebiuW, with a piece of an earlier leaked roadmap as you can see below.

The image you see in the tweet above is a missing part of a still incomplete AMD roadmap slide that got leaked a few months ago.

Where are we and what does the future hold for the Consumers?

  • According to the roadmap, this year AMD will release their next gen Ryzen CPUs code-named "Vermeer" next month on 2nd October based on the Zen 3 architecture as already officially announced by AMD themselves.
  • AMD will come out with their next gen Cezanne code-named APUs based on the Zen3 architecture next year, and will still may come equipped with the Vega graphics for its iGPUs.
  • AMD will be shifting to DDR5 Memory support in 2022.
  • AMD might be adopting a new socket (AM5) with the DDR5 Memory to go with it in 2022.
  • AMD will bring their "current gen" RDNA2 (going to be released on October 28th) GPU architecture to a much more efficient level to integrate it  into their APUs (Accelerated Processing Unit) by 2022.

What does it all mean for AMD & Intel?

  • AMD may not be able to book the 5nm process from TSMC in 2022 (Apple might be hogging that process node for its own processors) so they are going with the 6nm process node. 
  • Intel's new "Tiger Lake" laptop CPU benchmarks show that the iGPU in these chips is faster than the Vega iGPUs that are integrated in the AMD "Renoir" APUs. If AMD is still going to release the next gen Ryzen 5000 APUs with the Vega integrated graphics then Intel might hold the crown for the better CPUs with better integrated graphics till 2022.
  • As with AMD, Intel might also adopt DDR5 RAM in the year 2022 or even later, as there is nothing right now that can potentially confirm that Intel will adopt DDR5 next year.
  • Considering how good the Tiger Lake iGPU is, AMD might change their roadmap a bit to take the "better iGPU crown" & integrate their RDNA2 based iGPUs in the next gen "Cezanne" APUs, unless they figure out a way to seek out more performance from their Vega iGPUs.
In more AMD news, the same leaker @patrickschur_, tweeted that AMD might be changing the naming scheme of their CPUs and jump a generation ahead to call the next gen Zen3 based Vermeer CPUs Ryzen 5000 instead of 4000. AMD might do this just to remove the confusion between generations based on the names CPUs and APUs. For example as of the day of writing, we have Zen2 based CPUs named Ryzen 3000 and the same Zen2 based APUs are named Ryzen 4000 where as the Ryzen 3000 APUs are based on the Zen+ architecture. Pretty confusing, isn't it? It won't be a surprise if AMD just decides to call and release the next gen CPUs as Ryzen 5000 on October 2nd.

Note that these are all leaks and speculations, so it is not concrete information yet unless AMD themselves come out and announce it. Or this might all truly be in the current roadmap and based on the competition from Intel in the future AMD might change it accordingly. So whatever it is now and whatever happens in the future, take all of this with a huge grain of salt.

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AMD's Rembrandt APUs still have a long way to come in 2022, but AMD is going release their next gen Zen3 based Ryzen 4000/5000 "Vermeer" CPUs on the 2nd of October - Are you excited for it? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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