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When Is The Right Time To Buy Or Upgrade Your PC?


So have you been holding off on buying a new PC or upgrading your old PC? Just waiting for all the newer, faster and more alluring technology to be out and available for purchase to the general consumer before you make a buying decision? If yes, then it turns out you might have just gotten lucky this time. 


NVIDIA yesterday announced their next generation of gaming graphics cards i.e NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070 based on their Ampere Architecture. So if you own a 10 series or older GPU like GTX1070 then this might a good time to consider an upgrade. Or you can wait for AMD to come out with Big Navi, later when that releases Intel will be closing in with their first generation of discrete graphics cards? So should you buy now? Or should you keep waiting for one or another piece of technology to release? Mind you this wait sometimes can take forever.


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Not just GPU, but when it comes to any PC component as a whole, there will be technology that will keep on updating and releasing with every passing day. So what should you consider before you go out to buy a PC or upgrade its components? Let's discuss a few reason why you should consider upgrading and also why you should hold off before make a bad purchasing decision. Let's start with why you should not:

Why You May Be Should Not Upgrade:

There can be multiples reasons why you should not upgrade or buy a new PC just yet. I am going to list as many reasons as possible, on why you should not be upgrading right now, to the best of my understanding. It is better to start with asking yourself a few questions.

Do You Really Need The Extra Performance?

If you already have a PC which is capable enough for your work and gaming requirements then there is no point in considering upgrading or getting a whole new PC. My advice is, you use your PC for a bit longer or for as long as one of the components is proving to a huge bottle to other parts of the hardware.


Can You Wait For A Bit Longer?

If your current PC is getting you along just fine then it is always recommended to wait for a bit longer. As I said earlier, there is new tech coming out almost every month, if your current PC is getting you along then its not a bad thing to wait a bit longer in which case after the new technology has been released you can get the new tech which might be a worthy upgrade compared to the current gen technology and current gen pricing will go down once the new generation comes out so in a way it is a win-win situation for you when you finally need to upgrade your PC.

Can You Afford The Upgrade?

If you have determined that you need to upgrade a component in your PC or that you need to buy a whole new PC then the first thing you should do is put up a parts list that you need for the upgrade and check if the performance uplift from the upgrade is worth the money and if the cost of upgrade falls under your budget. If not, then keep using your old PC which is barely getting you over the line for the time being.


Never Pre-Order:

Reviews and research are a vital part of decision making before purchasing a product. Just because a company launched a product while claiming twice the performance improvements over the last generation and put it for pre-orders, it is best practice to wait for the reviews to come out before you make a purchasing decision. For all you know, the specs on paper never actually translate linearly to performance. So, at least wait till the reviews are out.


Here's an example of why you should not buy something the very second it comes out: Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro USB Issues - How to solve?


Why You Should Be Upgrading Right Now:

As I alluded to earlier in the article, there are certain times when upgrading your PC becomes a necessity and does not remain a luxury any more. Let's discuss few such scenarios when it makes absolute sense to upgrade.


Your PC Earns You Money:

Time is money. The more you get done in a given point of time translates to more money/earnings. If you are somebody who makes money using their PC then gaining every bit of performance would be worth it so long as the upgrade does not cost a fortune compared to what your earnings are. As long as your PC is your way to earning your bread and the upgrade is something which can be afforded then it is always and highly recommended to upgrade your PC as soon as the performance uplift is even minutely worthy of the cost you pay for the upgrade.

Your PC Does Not Respond Or Boot Anymore:

If your PC does not respond or boot anymore then try to find the root cause of the issue and try to find a replacement for the component which is malfunctioning as long as the remaining components are fast enough to not become a  bottle neck.

There Is a Bottleneck:

If there is a hardware component in your PC that is causing a full system bottleneck then it is never a wrong time to upgrade. New technology will be hitting the market every other day, the longer you wait, the more options you have, the more confusing it gets. Read the Bonus section for my opinions on the right time to buy a new PC or a PC component.

Bonus: Right Time To Buy A PC: My Opinions.

  • I would get a new PC or a replacement PC component upgrade as soon as something in it dies.
  • When the current PC is way too slow for my liking. And remember speed is relative, you should upgrade when you feel like your PC is crippling your productivity.
  • I personally think, once a piece of technology releases and you are interested in it, have some patience wait for at least a month for the reviews to come out and user experiences to drop on reddit, and then if the reviews are positive and the upgrade is worth the money then sure grab it with both hands.


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So what factors drive your decision making regarding purchase of PC components? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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