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Sony To Release More PlayStation 5 Consoles For Pre-Order Over The Next Few Days

Credits: Sony
Sony, unlike Microsoft, out of nowhere put out PS5 preorders live right after the PS5 event on Wednesday. Where Microsoft had announced their consoles will go for preorders more than a week ahead, Sony sent out an email to its interested customers just hours before the preorders went live. As soon as the preorders went live, the consoles were sold out in a matter of seconds even without most people's knowledge of the announcement. We have listed PS5 Consoles and Games that are available for preorders with links down below at the end of the article.
After the chaotic pre-order situation, Sony realized the inconvenience caused by this and reached out to its customers and fan base over it's official PlayStation twitter handle and apologized for the same. Sony also stated and we quote
Over the next few days we will release more PS5 consoles for pre-order - Retailers will share more details.
Indicating that this is not the end and that they will release more consoles for pre-orders before the official launch date of November 12th for US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea and a week later of November 19th the PlayStation5 will be available to the rest of the world. Note that Sony is yet to decide on a launch date of the PS5 console for China.
You can take a look at the tweet here

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The PS5 will be available for the masses in 2 variants, a non-digital variant, which does not have a disc drive, that costs $399 USD and digital variant, which does have a disc drive, that costs $499 USD. The price of the console for the Indian market have not yet been officially revealed.
Credits: PlayStation 
Preorder your PS5 Console here: PS5 Console, PS5 Digital Edition
Preorder Controller here: DualSense Wireless Controller
Pre-order More PS5 Games here: PlayStation 5 Games
For Our Indian Visitors:
You can register at Amazon (here) and Flipkart (here) by clicking on 'Notifiy Me' button to receive notifications as soon as the consoles go on sale in the country.

So did you manage to place your pre-orders before the consoles went out of stock? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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