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AMD Teases Big Navi AKA RX 6000 Series GPUs In Fortnite Easter Egg

Credits: HotHardware

After NVIDIA released their new consumer graphics based on the Ampere Architecture, it is now time for AMD to come out with their line-up of GPUs and go head to head against NVIDIA and this fight will be and should be a win-win situation for gamers as it will result in better performance improvements and pricing structures across the board. I am guessing the reason for NVIDIA to release the new cards with such a huge performance jump at the same prices as the last generation is that NVIDIA knows AMD has something big up its sleeves, as we all look at the performance claims of the next-gen consoles that are yet to be released.


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Considering AMD has something that can tackle or even beat the RTX 30 Series cards at every price point and comes in a bit cheaper when it comes to price to performance compared to NVIDIA's offerings then the general consumer would be confused which brand to go with and this is a good confusion to have.


Now coming to the Big Navi tease by AMD, it all happened in a new Fortnite Multiplayer map named "AMD Battle Arena". According to AMD, in its recent blog post regarding the new map and we quote

AMD Created the new "AMD Battle Arena" for fans to have fun and celebrate the incredible momentum and future of AMD gaming.


Well, recently an AMD Sponsored Fortnite streamer, MissGinaDarling, discovered an Easter Egg in the map. According to HotHardware to the Easter Egg you need to be playing the "AMD Battle Arena - Free For All" or "AMD Battle Arena - Capture The Flag". If you are a Fortnite player then you can read HotHardware's post for the guide to reveal the Easter Egg planted by AMD in the game. 


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Once you finish the task by entering the code "6000" a terminal shows and we quote

Something Big Is Coming To The AMD Battle Arena!


AMD RX 6000 aka Big Navi teaser discovered by MissGinaDarling


That is obviously a reference to the next gen graphics cards from AMD which fans pet-named as Big Navi and AMD revealed it as Navi 2X which is also going to be the RX 6000 Series of graphics cards.


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Are you looking to get a new graphics card soon? Will grab an RTX 30 Series GPU or will you wait till the launch of Big Navi? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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