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AMD Radeon RX 6000 AKA Big Navi Prices Reportedly Slashed After NVIDIA RTX 3000 Announcement - Launch In October?

Image by Ödeldödel from Pixabay
After NVIDIA's Ampere announcement we are all, well some of us are at the very least, now waiting for AMD to step up their game and come out with Big Navi to give NVIDIA some competition at the high end so we can see some, may be, price drops from both companies trying to undercut each other in terms of price to performance ratio if that is not too much to expect.
And recently that is what has happened or at the least is what is reported, and is assumed a rumour at this point in time. Coreteks - on their twitter handle tweeted the following statement by an unnamed AMD partner: 
"They [AMD] wants to release the 16GB version at $599 and 8GB at $499 but after Ampere Announcement I am expecting $549 for the 16GB and $499 for the 8GB. We're receiving the ASIC (GPU+Mem) this month [September]" - AMD Partner.

Then later in a subsequent tweet Coreteks clarified that there is no 8GB version of an AMD card and it was lost in translation and by 8GB version they were referring to the RTX 3080's 8GB VRAM.


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In my opinion, if this information is true, then we can take away the following key points from this new establishment:

  • First off and most importantly the fact that AMD partners are starting to receive ASIC (GPU + Memory) this month (i.e. September), then it is most likely that the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series aka Big Navi will launch in October or early November at the latest, though there is no official confirmation from AMD yet. 
  • AMD, as we were all expecting, may not have a card to compete with the RTX 3090. Though time will tell.
  • The 16GB card mentioned in the tweet, seems to have a performance bar between the RTX 3070 and the RTX 3080 but comes in with 16GB of VRAM. This indicates that the AMD card may not be as good as the RTX 3080 but goes head-to-head against the RTX 3070 and may be even beats it and the 16GB of VRAM may be a reason for it to be priced $50 USD higher than the 8GB RTX 3070 itself.
  • Or it is also possible that this 16GB card from AMD goes head-to-head against the RTX 3080, but AMD wants to appeal to the consumers by undercutting the NVIDIA card in terms of pricing, though this is highly unlikely. 
  • AMD were not expecting NVIDIA to release their RTX 3000 cards at the same prices as the last generation. (Mind you that NVIDIA is touting that the RTX 3090 is a TITAN RTX replacement and not a 2080Ti replacement).
  • Lastly, as clearly mentioned in the tweet, there is no HBM memory for the Radeon GPUs, at least not yet that anybody knows of.
  • Competition is good for the consumers. Competition is always good.


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So what are your expectations from the AMD Big Navi GPUs? Do let us know down in the comments section below. 

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