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Sync Your Steam Games On GeForce Now

Credits: NVIDIA

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service by Nvidia. The Nvidia shield version of GeForce Now called Nvidia Grid launched in Beta in 2013, with Nvidia officially unveiling its name on September 30, 2015. In January 2017, Nvidia unveiled GeForce Now client for PC and Macintosh computers, available in North America and Europe as free beta.

GeForce Now lets its users access a virtual computer on a server, where they can install their existing PC games from existing digital distribution platforms - including Steam, Epic Games Store, Uplay and - and play them remotely even on your potato PCs and laptops because the game is being rendered on cloud on a VM on a server and not locally to stress your PC. As with the old Shield Version, GeForce Now games are also streamed from NVIDIA's servers.

But the problem was that searching for games in your stream library that were compatible with GeForce Now took a bit of effort scrolling through the list of GeForce Now compatible games.

The good news is, as you would have known from the title of the article, users can now sync their Steam libraries to their GeForce Now accounts through NVIDIA's new Game Sync feature. This new feature will identify games in a user's Steam library supported by GeForce Now and will add them to the "My Library" section within the GeForce Now app automatically, Nvidia says

PC and MacOS users can sync their Steam libraries to GeForce Now by going to Settings --> Game Sync whenever you purchase a new game on Steam.

When Nvidia launched the paid tier of GeForce Now, it sparked a controversy among the game publishers and developers and several of them pulled their games from GeForce Now. Nvidia updated its policy in May, requiring publishers and developers to opt in to the platform to have their games available to be played remotely on the NVIDIA's servers, by its users who already own those games via any of the digital distribution platforms listed above. There is also a free tier available for you to play your games for an hour uninterrupted, as long as you own them.
Credits: NVIDIA
Nvidia recommended a 50Mbps internet connection for a 1080p 60fps streaming, but the service can also stream at 720p 60fps for 25Mbps connection, 720p 30fps for connections higher than 10Mbps. The service also uses a adaptive bitrate streaming to scale the quality based on bandwidth.

Note: GeForce Now is still expanding its reach and is still unavailable in a few regions around the globe.

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