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PUBG Mobile May Announce Erangel 2.0 On August 24

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As we reported in our last news article on PUBG, we mentioned that the PUBG Mobile team had announced it's latest beta update naming it 1.0 beta version and along side it they teased a brief introduction of the ERANGEL 2.0 map.


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Today at around 8AM in the morning, PUBG Mobile team on their official twitter account tweeted with the following image:

Image credit: pubg official twitter account

We humbly request your presence as we announce a New Era for PUBG Mobile. Join us on August 24th for an awesome announcement on YouTube and Facebook! #pubmnewera #neweraannouncement 👉


The announcement for a "New Era for PUBG Mobile" will take place on 24th August at 7PM in India. With the world events, it is obvious that the developers will share the announcement via a digital event that, as you can check out yourself, will be live streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

Credits: PUBG Mobile India Official YouTube Channel.

During this live stream we are expecting the PUBG Mobile team to announce the revamped Erangel map, Erangel 2.0 as we name it, to the stable version of the game as it is already available for testing in it's beta version. In a deeper dive we have also realized that this announcement news has also been updated on the PUBG Mobile Esports Facebook page, we can also expect an announcement for a global esports event as well. 

PUBG Mobile had introduced the Erangel 2.0 map for testing to beta version 1.0 update and it is a matter of time before it makes it in to the stable version as well.

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