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NVIDIA Preparing For Ampere RTX 3000 GPU Launch

 Credits: NVIDIA

NVIDIA appears to be prepping for its Ampere reveal, not really surprising. The RTX 3000 series has been in the rumour mill longer than any NVIDIA GPU launch that we can remember in the recent history. In what has been the most leaked NVIDIA launch in recent memory it seems that NVIDIA may finally be preparing to announce the consumer facing Ampere graphics cards in official capacity. It seems that NVIDIA is keen to celebrate the last 21 years of computing and computer graphics according to its event countdown page.

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Separately there is a blog post looking back into the good old days of 1999 where 640x480 was high resolution and where we saw the birth of NVIDIA's GeForce brand with the inaugural GeForce 256 card. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, NVIDIA stated that

On September 1st, we usher in a new era with a special event broadcast featuring NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang.


So as we already know, NVIDIA has announced a digital event on September 1st, with NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang leading the show. The entire focus around this, as indicated by NVIDIA so far, is PC gaming till date and as we mentioned in our previous blog, it looks like NVIDIA with its little hints here and there it looks like NVIDIA is going to announce its Ampere cards and it seems certain at this point. 


Gamers Nexus quoted that,

We have been told to expect an 80 SKU equivalent first, that would be a (RTX) 2080 equivalent taking its place in the line with a flagship to follow shortly after. The 3090 has been in the rumour mill a lot lately and speaking with some of the board partners it sounds like that might be the flagship that NVIDIA intends to launch shortly after it's 80 SKU. We don't know what the official naming SKU is going to be, they could do a Ti but in terms of actual product stack the naming scheme is mostly irrelevant it is just something will be slotted in above the initial launch.


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In more news, NVIDIA's ship is continuing to leak and this time, as reported by anandtech.com, in an article by VideoCardz that's been since taken down, it mentions Micron's yet to be announced GDDR6X memory. The document doesn't offer too many details but it does offer a glimpse at what GDDR6X will look like, as was the case with GDDR5X it seems Micron and NVIDIA have been working closely together to bring GDDR6X to the market. The documents states that GDD6X will have a 21Gbps per pin rate while also listing a Gigabytes per second range of 912 to 1008GBps that would mean that GDD6X will be capable of crossing the 1TBps threshold and GDDR6X also seems to operate over 384 bit bus for at least one of the higher end cards. If you wan to learn more you can read it all here in this post.

Chart Credits: Anandtech


The document that was leaked, explicitly mentions an RTX 3090 SKU and it lists that with a board configuration of 12 GB of vRAM. Micron seems to have confirmed accidentally on NVIDIA's behalf that it is indeed working on an RTX 3090 or whatever they end up calling it. 

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