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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 To Release On August 31? + Rumoured Specs

Credits: NVIDIA

NVIDIA yesterday at around 6.30PM IST released a small video on its NVIDIA GeForce official twitter account with the hash-tag "#UltimateCountdown" teasing an announcement probably about its next generation graphics cards rumoured RTX 3000 series on August 31st.

In the tweet the company simply mentioned the countdown campaign, but in the profile banner of the official twitter account of NVIDIA GeForce it said "The #UltimateCountdown - 21days. 21 Years."

Image credit: Nvidia
You know what happened 21 years ago? The company released its first ever "GPU", the GeForce 256. This is all pointing towards a release of new family of Graphics cards under the Ampere Architecture while commemorating their release of GeForce 256, 21 years ago.


The GeForce 256 was announced on August 31, 1999 and released on October 11, 1999 and we are expecting the same with the upcoming, yet to be announced, consumer level Ampere GPUs. Nvidia on 14th May announced its server GPU DGX A100 touting it to be the world's largest graphics card.


We are speculating that NVIDIA will do an announcement about the GPUs on August 31st and then launch the GPUs in mid-September as reported by many media outlets. Steve from Gamers Nexus was quoted as saying, "The 3000 Series should be annouced probably on or very close to September 9th - we have received information from board partners directly speaking with Gamers Nexus about this and that's the current intent for announcement of the RTX 3000 series or whatever it ends up being called."


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According to wccftech Nvidia has not fixated anything regarding the naming of the next gen graphics cards yet but according to their sources, Nvidia is planning to launch 3 boards in September, 1 board in October and 2 boards planned whose launch date has not yet been decided. wccftech reported that Nvidia is going to release a replacement for 2080 Ti in 2nd half of September with 24GB of vRAM. Other replacements and partial specs of 2080 Super, 2070 Super and 2060 Super are as listed in the table below. You can learn more about the rumored specs as reported by wccftech here.

Table credits: wccftech

Q4 of 2020 is shaping out to be a good time for PC and Gaming enthusiasts with the releases on NVIDIA's Ampere line up of GPUs, AMD coming out with Big-Navi GPUs in the following weeks as well as the released of AMD's Ryzen 4000 CPUs based on Zen 3 architecture (Not to be confused with Ryzen 4000G APUs based on Zen 2 architecture). Let's hope all of them have better price to performance ratios compared to their last gen counterparts. 


Note that these are all just speculations and rumours and these are to be taken with a grain of salt, nothing can be concretely confirmed or denied unless the company itself comes out with official announcements.


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