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Looking At Failure Rates of GPUs - AMD & NVIDIA

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The renowned and the largest retailer in Germany: Mindfactory.de, has recently reported RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) statistics for GPUs and it turns out they saw a higher failure rate in AMD Radeon 5000 cards compared to Nvidia Turing cards (Both GTX 1600 cards and RTX 2000 series of cards).


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Before we continue, note that the data on this report is not 100% indicative of the failure rate of the said GPUs. It is possible the consumers might have bought the GPUs in hindsight only to realize it later that it doesn't fit in the ITX case that they wish to build their PC in and many other such caveats might apply and it is not the actual failure of the card that became the reason for an RMA. It is also to be noted that this data is also insufficient as you can see in this report that Mindfactory sold very few RTX 2070 Supers and 2080 Supers, and only ever shipped a handful of the SKUs. But all of that said the data can surely be used for a little looking into how particular SKUs performed in the market and which ones got RMA'ed the most.

The report contains 50,440 AMD GPUs and 1,22,210 Nvidia GPUs and is a significant sample size for the number of cards sold in the last 12 months. With all of that in mind let's analyze the data we have so far:


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The biggest takeaways from the chart are as follows (in no particular order):

  • Less complex, less powerful GPUs have a lower failure rate compared to a more complex and more powerful GPUs. This trend can be seen the numbers below: 
    Source: Mindfactory.
  • From the chart above it can also be noted that AMD's mid-range and budget cards do not fail as often as mid-range and budget Nvidia offerings.
  • It can also be seen that RTX 2080 Ti has the highest RMA rate coming in at 5.17%.  (Note that this statistic is a combination of all AiB partners of Nvidia that has been sold by Mindfactory.de)
  • AMD high end GPUs are RMA'ed more often compared to Nvida's higher end offerings.
  • PowerColor AMD GPUs are RMA'ed more often than any other brand.
    Source: Mindfactory.
  • PowerColor Red Devil RX 5700 has the highest RMA rate among any SKU from any brand/vendor coming in at 13% RMA rate.

This chart indicates that Nvidia has roughly 70% market share compared to AMD's 30%.

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Check out the data report from Mindfactory here.


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