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Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro USB Issues - How to solve? Should You Buy?

 Credits: Gigabyte

Huge Update (20/02/2021): AMD finally, after 6 months, have acknowledged in a reddit post that there are USB issues with on their 500-Series motherboards. Please read: AMD B550, X570 Chipset Based Motherboards USB Issues for more details and a much more organized read on this issue. Thanks to WeetA, Mat, Frank and everybody else who commented on this post and kept us updated with all the new happenings with their PCs and in the support pages and forums.
AMD on June 16 launched their B550 chipset and we got a lot of good boards from the motherboard manufactures like MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte and ASRock. Though B550 launched at a higher price compared to their B450 predecessors, the B550 chipset did not offer many improvements over the B450 chipset except 10 PCIe Gen 3 lanes instead of 6 PCIe Gen 2 lanes offered by B450 and 2 extra SATA III ports instead of 2 supported on B450 chipset and that is it. Where B550 motherboards shine (not the chipset but the motherboard itself) is that it supports PCIe Gen 4 lanes from the CPU.
Please head to this post for more details - in a much more organized way - on this issue: AMD B550, X570 Chipset Based Motherboards USB Issues (Also please comment your PC specifications if you are facing the USB issues)
Enough of the B450 vs B550 comparison. Now lets talk about one specific board, the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro. If you follow our PC build articles we once, actually twice, had recommended the B550 Aorus Pro motherboard for 2 different builds when the B550 motherboards newly came out. Since I have known about the issues on the motherboard, I retracted my recommendation for it and replaced it with a cheaper yet much better performing MSI board.
So what issues are plaguing the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro? We recommended the Aorus Pro based on the online overviews that were available online from reputed media sources. The fact that the board came with 12 rear USB ports which includes one Type-C port, it made for a compelling recommendation. I guess that is also one of the reasons why many people bought the board.

Issue and Sources:

Many people who bought the board have complained on reddit regarding the USB lag. There are multiple threads on reddit talking about this issue for example this thread is on Gigabyte's own community forum on reddit. In this thread the original poster has complained that his mouse keeps stuttering for no reason, quick disconnect and reconnect issues and his keyboard sometimes does not record any key hits and other times it just spams the key hits multiple times. 
Few other people in the comments section of the same thread have also reported the same issue happening with their PC. Only thing common in their builds is the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro motherboard. This issue is persistent in both the AC (WiFi) and the non-AC versions of the board.
In one other such thread, a user reported the same issue stating 
Can't even run XMP without USB acting up, and even at stock it gets funky. You will get mouse stutter, USB turning on/off randomly.

In the same way if you scroll this thread, you will find many more people complaining about the same USB issue and their mouse stutters even while playing games.


There are many more new threads on Gigabyte's Official Forum, reddit and more forums since the day it was written 3 months ago.


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What Is Causing The Issue?

Update 11 (12/03/2021): AMD on r/AMD subreddit have claimed that they might have found the root cause of the USB issues and will be releasing BIOS version to the motherboard manufacturers in about a week, so please keep an eye for the new BIOS updates if you are facing the issue. As to what actually the cause issue in the first place is still unknown as AMD have not revealed the root cause of the issue.


Update 5 (21/11/2020): As pointed out by a user WeetA, who reached out to Gigabyte about the issue, here is the reply Gigabyte support:

This problem has already been reported to AMD. AMD is working on a solution. As soon as AMD has developed a solution we will offer it for download on our website. As a temporary solution you can disable the C-States in the BIOS setup.


According to Gigabyte support it is a problem / issue from AMD's side and AMD is working on a fix and the same will be provided for its users on Gigabyte's website once it is figured out. Also one more user in the comments section pointed out that, a couple users also faced the same issue on the ASUS ROG Strix B550-E Gaming as can be seen over at ASUS Forum here which provides a bit more concrete support to the theory that the issue is on AMD's side. It looks like the issue persists on boards that have 4x USB Type-A ports in a single row.


(Old Content):

So the issue is the same with everybody, there is something wrong with the USB. But what triggers this? Few people have reported that at higher RAM speeds the USB is turning on/off, lagging randomly and mouse stutters which is basically happening because the USB glitching on its own.

Few redditors also claimed that it might be because of the case interference, but the buyers of the board who complained about the issue stated that case is not an issue. Few redditors also claimed that it might be some issue with the USB drivers.

So How To Solve It?


Update 11 (12/03/2021): AMD on r/AMD subreddit have claimed that they might have isolated the root cause of the issue and will be releasing a new BIOS that will be distributed to the board partners as soon as next week. So you if are facing the issue please keep an eye on the BIOS updates from your respective motherboard manufacturers and once you update the specified version please feel free to come here and let us know if the claimed fixed worked for you or not. Thank you.

Update 10 (20/02/2021): The issue is not fully solved and not for all users, though there are people who did report in the comments section that the issue was solved after they updated their BIOS to F11n, there are still who are facing the issue and have also reached out in the comments section. As you already know, AMD today (20/02/2021) have acknowledged the USB issues on their 500 Series motherboards so expect the issue to be solved sooner than later with subsequent BIOS updates. Thanks for the patience of you all and the support.
Update 9 (08/12/2020): Updating to F11n, based on AGESA Combov2 D, does solve the issue as pointed out by MAT and WeetA in the comments section. So update your BIOS and happy gaming to you folks. New BIOS (F11n: Download here) update from Gigabyte is out, thanks again to Mat pointing it out in the comments section. As its predecessors, this BIOS update claims to fix the USB connection stability. Can anybody confirm if this helps? Please let know down in the comments section below.

Also special thanks again to MAT and WeetA for their timely updates and their feedback on the BIOS updates, not gonna lie they sure did make my work a lot easier.
Update 8 (05/12/2020): It has been 5 days since the F11k  BIOS was released, many users have reported, in the comments section, that it only worsen the issue instead on solving it. Gigabyte must have realized the issue and have pulled the BIOS version from their website. The latest BIOS that can be found is the F10 which is almost 75 days old now.

For now the only way the USB issue can be temporarily solved / controlled is by disabling C-states in the BIOS. If you are on F11k and disabling C-states does not solve the issue, then I suggest you re-flash an older version of BIOS, presumably the F10 BIOS and then disable C-states in the BIOS. You can follow Buildzoid's tutorial here if you do not know how to access C-states in the BIOS.
For people who do not use the Gigabyte board and are facing the issue (MSI and ASUS board users), I suggest you re-flash an older version of the BIOS that you did not face the issue on. This issue seems to have arisen after AMD started making changes to the AGESA versions of the code, as pointed by Buildzoid.

But what is interesting is that this issue / reports of the issue started arising in motherboards from MSI and ASUS shortly after the release of the AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs but the USB issue have been prevalent in the Gigabyte boards long before that, I can at least confirm that they have been prevalent for the last 4 months since August: August 24 was the day of writing this article.

Guess we have to wait, for the time being, for a newer BIOS version that promises to solve the issue.

(Old Content):
Update 7 (30/11/2020): (Thanks to Mat and Art Bel who pointed this out to us in the comments section) Gigabyte has, on 25/11/2020, released a new BIOS update (F11k - based on AGESA C) that seems to have solved stability issue on the USB 2.0 ports on the B550 Aorus Pro AC and Non-AC models. Same has been confirmed by a couple of users in the comments section (Took 3 whole months huh?). You can download the BIOS here
Also do note that this BIOS is for B550 Aorus Pro motherboard, users who are facing USB issues on other boards please do refer to the support pages of the particular board you are using or you can reach out to us in the comments section so we can point you to it.
If you are still facing USB issues on the board after updating to the new BIOS, please do let us know down in the comments section below.

Update 6 (23/11/2020): Gigabyte on 20/11/2020, as pointed by Mat (thanks to him) in the comments section, has released a new BIOS version F11i based on AGESA C for the B550 Aorus Pro motherboard that claims to and we quote:

3. Improve connection stability for USB 2.0 ports of USB hub (for matisse CPU)


Apart from that Gigabyte also seem to have better optimization for Ryzen 5000 processors and also added Re-size bar / Smart Access Memory support with this BIOS update.


Update 5 (21/11/2022): As mentioned in the section "What is causing the issue?" section, a temporary fix to this problem, as suggested by Gigabyte Support person, is to disable C-States in the BIOS.

Also as mentioned above, Gigabyte is waiting on AMD for a more "permanent solution" and the same will be provided on Gigabyte's official website as soon as one such fix is developed. And the same will be updated here in this article.


(Older Content):

Update 2: (Issue Solved - Probably) An anonymous user (now we know he is Mat) reached out saying that he solved the issue by updating his Windows (to Windows 10 2004) and all of the drivers to the latest versions available. Since then he has not had any USB issues even on the USB 2.0 ports. You guys should try it out. I do not have a motherboard on hand to look into it so I cannot confirm it myself but you guys should definitely try it out. If this solves your issue do reach out to us and let us know either by commenting down in the comments section below or through our email that you can find in the contact us page.

Update 3: It has been a week since we posted (Update 2) that Matt seems to have solved the problem by updating everything from BIOS to Windows to Drivers to the latest versions, today he reached out again to confirm that his board is still working fine without any issues. I suggest all of you who are facing the USB issue to update all drivers and BIOS and Windows OS to the latest version available.

Update 4 (16-11-2020): Many users who have updated the BIOS and the drivers to the latest versions are still reporting the USB problem. Anyhow if you are looking to buy a B550 motherboard, we recommend you the MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi at $190 USD on that has the exact same VRM as the B550 Tomahawk and yet runs couple degrees cooler thanks to it larger heat sink, comes with integrated WiFi 6, has an internal Type-C header if your case supports USB Type-C on the front I/O with the only down side being with the 5 USB Type-A headers compared to the 11 on the B550 Aorus Pro AC / non-AC models that you probably cannot use anyway. If you need more ports may I present to you the B550 Steel Legend (at $180 USD gives up WiFi for Debug LED) or the B550 Extreme4 (at $185 USD adds on-board Power on and Reset buttons over the Steel legend) with both boards having 7 USB Type-A ports, VRM performs on par with the B550 Tomahawk and both boards have a m.2 WiFi slot if you need WiFi and can get a M.2 WiFi card.


First thing we suggest you to do it update your motherboard BIOS to it's latest version and check if it solves the problem. Also try to uninstall and reinstall updated USB drivers.

One redditor in this thread claimed that he solved the issue by connecting the mouse, keyboard, headset and mic to the USB 3.2 ports and stopped using the USB 2.0 ports altogether. 


Update 1: A user, Kamus, reached out to us and commented that using USB 3 ports did solve the issue for 3 days and the problem still persists. Since then he has been lowering his RAM speeds every time the problem arrives but this not a viable solution in the long run. As the user commented, if you own this board and you are facing USB issues your best option is to return/RMA the board while you can. 

If you are somebody who is looking to buy the Gigabyte B500 Aorus Pro (AC and non-AC versions), trust us and the users who are complaining about the issue in various forums, you are better off without it. Even saving some bucks and getting a cheaper board will improve your experience a lot.


Also Read: MSI B550-A Pro - Worthy B450 Tomahawk Alternative?


One redditor in this thread advised to turn off HPET in both the Bios and Windows. Here's how you can do it. 

One redditor also in the same thread claimed that he solved that problem by disabling XHCI in settings → I/O Ports → USB. He also mentioned that he had disabled legacy mode for good measure. It is to be noted that even then he faces random pad disconnects but not as usually as before.

The last thing you can do is obviously return your motherboard. This is your best option.

I repeat do not buy this board, at least the Rev 1.0 version of this board. (Update: 08/12/2020) Since we now know that this issue can be solved with a BIOS update, if you are willing to update the BIOS on the board yourself (old stock on shelves might still have one of the older BIOS versions that can make the USB ports stutter / randomly turn on and off) then this board is one of the best, if not the out right best, out there in terms of VRM and obviously the number of USB outs so you can buy it. 



It has been more than 3 months since this article went live and at the end it turns out it was an issue on AMD's side where they messed something up in the BIOS that caused the USB to turn off or go to sleep randomly. You can fix this just by updating your BIOS version to F11n (and higher versions when then come out in the future and assuming AMD does not break it again).


Given that it is now clear that this issue has been fixed by AMD through a BIOS update, this board is definitely worthy of buying for its price for its USB ports and VRM.

Happy Gaming!


  1. I'm one of the guys you quoted in those threads. (also the guy that thought that using USB 3 fixed the problem... and it did, for like 3 days)

    The problem not only persists, but it's actually getting worse over time. I keep having to lower my memory settings to keep things somewhat stable.

    In the end, I'm going to have to return this board, there's no reason a new product should be giving me so much trouble. I'm done trying to find workarounds, the board sucks.

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out. I will update what you just said in the article. It's baffling how Gigabyte doesn't care about its customers, its been more than a month and there is not even an official statement from Gigabyte considering there are users complaining about the issue in Gigabyte's official forum.
      I think Gigabyte will release a rev 2 of the same board that fixes this USB issue and forget that the rev 1 ever existed in the first place.

    2. Thank you again for reaching out. I have updated the article in accordance with your feedback.

    3. Hey there Kamus! Looks like updating to F3 BIOS and Windows 10 2004 with updated drivers seems to solve the issue. Can you confirm it from your side if you still have the board on hand? Thanks again.

  2. check this. bios on default settings.

    even the replacement board have the same issue.

    1. I did check that, Gigabyte isn't taking this issue seriously. I think everybody has go to tweet at them. Though I am not sure if they would still care to do something about it.

    2. Hey winreb! A user reached out to us in the comments section anonymously and claimed that he solved the issue by updating to F3 BIOS, Windows 10 2004 and keeping all his drivers upto date? Can you firm it from your side if you still have the board on hand? Thanks again.

  3. Hi Guys. Thanks for this web page and posting. I had similar issues when I upgraded the BIOS from F1 to F2. If you use RGB devices you can see it turn off and on. Keyboard is OK but the mouse would drop every few seconds. After updating BIOS to F3 and making sure the memory profile was set to run XMP at 3600 it still caused issues. I checked my windows updates and made sure they where up2date and there was some drivers to update. So far since that has kicked in and the updates (windows 10 2004) it is now stable when in USB2.0. I have tested several USB2 sockets and all is ok. So I think its not a MB issue as such. I think its driver. My other suggestion is maybe create a linux boot USB stick and test it with that. See if your devices stop working or are intermittent.

    1. Thanks for reaching out and giving the details on how you solved it. I will update your statement too and ask if other people can confirm it.

    2. No problem! Happy to say so far its still working fine. I will report back if it starts again but so far so good. BTW I am not overclocking my ram. Everything is stock. Ram is Corsair Vengeance running at 3600 (XMP profiled) and CL18. CPU is Ryzen 5 3600 running stock and Windows is up to date. As I mentioned above, check that the their are not drivers to update as sometimes Win 10 will not install them automatically. I had to force the update. Thanks. Matt

    3. Just an update. Its still working and had no issues. Matt.

    4. Hey Matt thanks for the update. I was about to reach out to you in the morning to ask how it was going, I guess I have my answer. Thanks again.

  4. No problem Mo. I work in IT and found a lot of the laptops I work with have been having issues with some of the Win 10 updates that have been released over the last month or so. So in my opinion on some of these issues that appear to be hardware, are often not when dealing with home builds. Conflicting software patches and drivers can really screw things up. If you are still having issues, I would look at doing a clean Win 10 install or use the 'reset this pc' option in Win 10. I think I have been lucky with the way my driver updates and windows updates fixed the issue. I fully expect on the next BIOS update I may run into problems again. Windows just doesn't like what is essentially a hardware change. So if you are going to do a BIOS update, have a backup of both your BIOS and also your OS and data. Clean windows installs always seem to solve these problems.

  5. Brand new motherboard, updated to the latest bios version (F11 if I remember correctly) and driver's, running Windows 2004.

    The system is unusable, USB keeps disconnecting every few seconds. I Wish I saw this article when I was looking for a new board.

    I'm returning the board, and with it ends 15 years of my relationship with gigabyte. If it would be an isolated issue I wouldn't blame Gigabyte, but this board seemed to be plagued with this problem, and Gigabyte did nothing to solve it. I cannot trust such a brand.

    What's the point of offering so many USB ports on a board when you can't even use one of them ?

    1. You are right with your decision to return the board, when paying such amounts things are meant to work out of the box without requiring any kind of tinkering on the customer's part. Better luck with your next board.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Bought board and paired with 5600x, and GSKILL 32GB RAM. On BIOS F2/3, issue was present. Windows version 1809, 1904, and 200x, issue present. On BIOS F11b, issue present. Uninstalled USB drivers, reinstalled, issue persists. Tried several "fixes", but working to get basic functionality going on a new board is insane. Returning immediately, and just going to fork over the extra bucks for something better.

    Thanks so much for this thread and compiling this info. Really wish I had found this previously, as so many reviewers gave this board praise.

    1. Yeah that's bad, spending so much money on a motherboard and it doesn't even let you use it on a daily basis, even without any overclocks.

      Anyways thanks for the appreciation, means a lot. And All the best for your next board. If you have not decided to go with which board next then may I suggest you the MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi: at $160 its a beast, has the same VRM as the Tomahawk but runs a few degree celsius cooler, internal Type-C header and has integrated WiFi 6 with the only down side being having only 5 USB Type-A ports on the rear I/O.

  8. Exactly the same here!
    Bought Aorus Pro non-AC board and paired with 5600x and GSKILL 3200 RAM (32GB), Bios F11d. Windows 20H2 issue present. Uninstalled USB drivers, reinstalled, issue persists. Tried several UEFI switches, but problem still persists.

    Some additional info:
    - USB3 ist working fine and also the block of 2 USB2 ports on the back shield. The ports that are causing trouble are: 4x USB2 (back shield) und 4x USB2 (internal header). These 8 ports have one thing in common: They are connected to the chipset by an internal hub.
    - The problem is not present just after boot. It all begins when CPU clock is going below 3 GHz

    1. Thank you for reaching out. Gigabyte messed this up bad.

  9. Try pcie gen 3 instead of 4. It will probably solve it. No one kbow who are to blame amd or gigabyte, i bet gigabyte.

    1. There are other board manufacturers and none of them have this issue - at least not that I know if. So I say it all on Gigabyte.

    2. in this thread someone has reported the same issue on an ASUS board:
      which seems to use the same 4x USB2 hub.

    3. Just checked, will update the info that is gathered to date from the comments section. Thanks.

  10. Try using pcie 3.0 instead of 4.0. Seems issue become wide spread with 3080 release and affect all gigabyte b550 boards.

    1. I see - possible, but not a lot of people have got there hands on Ampere GPUs yet. That said I have started to see a lot of traffic to this page after the 3080 launch so may be? Or it could just be that more people are building / planning to build more PCs and this board is heavily recommended by Media and review outlets.

  11. I have had a lot of trouble with the aorus pro b550, bios is by now flashed to F10 with no improvement.
    this is no solution, but a workaround.
    erratic mouse and keyboard, disconnecting usb3 appears that the usb2 port and usb3 next to the lan run via the b550 chipset and those ports are disconnecting and connecting sometimes. (i have no idea what is the trigger, but idle comes to mind)
    if you plug in mouse, keyboard and usb3-hdd in the top or middle usb3 ports, they will work properly. If your usb3-hdd keeps disconnecting, stick it in one of 2 bottom usb2 port
    the other usb posts can still be used for less important things like your printer, webcam or as a charging plug.

    1. I don't think people who bought the board for its 11 USB Type-A ports would be satisfied with this but this is something which is better than nothing. Thanks for your suggestions.

  12. I stopped using USB 2.0 for keyboard and mouse because it was unusable with F11d.
    But i still have random reset of USB.
    I tried bios F11g yesterday. Unable to test too long as i had tons of WHEA.

  13. Hello,
    Gigabyte has replied to my support case.
    Below their answer:
    This problem has already been reported to AMD.
    AMD is working on a solution.
    As soon as AMD has developed a solution we will offer it for download on our website.
    As a temporary solution you can disable the C-States in the Bios Setup.
    So, i've disabled Global C-state Control in Advanced CPU Settings.
    I've plugged back keyboard & mouse to the 4 USB 2.0 block.
    For now, no lag/disconnection in windows login screen as before. It seems OK too in Windwos session.
    Will see the workaround works without any issue

    1. Ooooo, Okay. Thank you for the update. Do let us know if you start seeing the using. Means a lot, will update the same in the article.


    1. Cool, looks like this issue can be solved by disabling C-States in the BIOS. Thanks for reaching out. Will update it in the article itself now.

  15. Ok. Same solution provided by Gigabyte support

  16. I have the same issue with usb keyboard and mouse on USB2 with my MSI B550-A Pro. Using USB3 or disabling C-State seems to help but can‘t be a proper solution. Hope a BIOS Update will fix that.


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