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Free Programs I Install On Every PC I Own

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Every time I or somebody I know gets a PC, I install a few programs as soon as I get my hands on it. Few of them are meant for basic productivity which every PC should have installed on them, few others are for knowing hardware configuration, temperature monitoring, overclocking and undervolting, etc. Today I just going to list the ones that I personally installed on my every Desktop PC and laptop that I own. So let's begin:

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I am not going to list programs like MS Office, browsers and Media players etc. which are a basic necessity and that you might already know about and already have them installed on your PC.

    WinRAR or 7-Zip:

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    If you are somebody who downloads a lot of stuff off of the internet then you would be pretty familiar with compressed zip files. These files require special programs to unzip them and that's where WinRAR or 7-Zip comes in. 7-Zip is a totally free to use program, where as WinRAR will ask you to it every time you try to open it or use it, but you can just close the buy window and still use it for free for a lifetime. 


    Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Image Source: Adobe

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program developed by Adobe Inc. to view, create, manipulate and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF). This application is free to use if you only wish to view your PDF documents, to make changes to it like editing or password protecting your PDF you need to pay for the paid add-ons to be added on the free program.

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Hardware Monitoring:

Hardware monitoring apps are used to both know what kind of hardware is installed on your PC as well as monitor the temperatures of the components of the PC like CPU temperature, GPU temperature and VRM temperatures etc.


Image credit: HWInfo

    This program provides wide range of hardware information ranging from processor name, number of cores and threads to audio and devices and network devices that are installed in the system. It also allows you to monitor temperatures of the hardware components that are installed on your PC and check for any kind of throttling issues.


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Note: You can also know the hardware configuration of your PC through your BIOS and monitor temperatures and throttling via task manager on Windows. There are also other software available for this purpose like CPUID, GPUZ etc.


For Overclocking & Undervolting:

If you want to become a PC enthusiasts and are into overclocking then these programs should help you play around with the basic stuff in overclocking. If you want to be a pro-overclocker then you should watch YouTube videos to learn on they play with and the change settings in the BIOS to attain stable overclock. If you are doing overclocking you will also need programs for bench marking and testing the stability of the overclock that you have applied, those programs are listed later in the article.


Note that if you use these programs and try to overclock your CPU or GPU and end up frying your PC then we at PC Seekers do not take any responsibility. This is also not an overclocking guide.

    Intel XTU or Ryzen Master:

    If you have an Intel CPU or an AMD CPU and you wish to overclock or undervolt it without having to mess with your BIOS settings then you should install Intel XTU or AMD Ryzen Master respectively. These utilities are designed to over-ride your BIOS settings.


    MSI Afterburner:

 Image source: MSI

   If you wish to overclock your GPU be it an NVIDIA or AMD GPU, then MSI Afterburner is the best utility we have available on the market. You can also use this utility of set custom fan curves to reduce GPU fan noise.

Bench marking Tools:

Does not matter if you are overclocking or not, bench marking tools stress your CPU, GPU or any other component which it is designed to be tested for. These tools give you a fair idea if your PC components will throttle under heavy loads as well as if you are overclocking these tools can be a good measure of the overclock  to know if it is a stable overclock or not.


    Cinebench R20 and R15 are well known CPU bench marking tools to test CPU performance and overclock stability.


    Unigine Heaven

    Unigine Heaven is a 3D bench marking tool to bench mark GPU performance and to check overclock stability on it.

Do let us know which programs you install on your PC down in the comments section below.

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