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Erangel 2.0 - PUBG Mobile Beta 1.0 Update - Download

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
PUBG Mobile was released on 9th February 2019 by Tencent Games. Since then it has garnered a lot of fame and fans crossing 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store. PUBG Mobile recently released a new map called the Livik map and had previously revamped it's old Miramar map to make it more aesthetically appealing.

PUBG Mobile on its discord server announced it's latest beta update naming it 1.0 beta update and along side it they teased a brief introduction to the much awaited ERANGEL 2.0 map. This update from PUBG is a big step as it goes from version 0.19.0 directly to version 1.0 which is a huge step forward.

The beta 1.0 update is only available for android users at the moment. If you wish to download the updated the beta version you can do it form here. The updated game is 1.52GB in size if you wish to download it. Once you start testing the beta version you can share you feedback and disclose your bug findings and other issues to the PUBG Mobile Team on their official discord channel. If you wish to be a beta tester for PUBG Mobile the registrations are going to start soon, you will be asked to fill in a survey to apply for a chance to experience the latest beta version. For IOS people its coming soon.

In an official statement regarding the update, the PUBG Mobile team said, "We are deeply touched, excited and blessed because we have the honour to announce a very new testing period to you. This time we are going to rewrite the history in Battle Royale and experience PUBG Mobile in a way no previous version did before. Among other great content in the version upgrade we will focus on the major changes at first."

In the beta 1.0 update the PUBG Mobile team announced the inclusion of Erangel 2.0 map, as the name suggests it is basically a revamped version of the classic Erangel map. It brings in a few aesthetic changes to bring it at par with the latest Livik map. There are some changes to the buildings in terms of design including areas like Mylta Power, Quarry, Prison and few others. Players will see trenches, abandoned tanks, barricades and other additions to the map.

Note: It is a beta update and there could be a number of changes before it finally gets pushed to the stable version.

There is also a new weapon named M1014 along with some balancing changes and few bug fixes as well. (I personally wish and hope they first fix the already existing bugs and glitches in the game). The cheer park has also been revamped with showdowns and more. The updated beta version can be downloaded for Android devices from here. The updated game is 1.52GB in size of you wish to download.

It is still unclear when Erangel 2.0 will make its way into the stable version of the game and be available for the masses as the team has not announced any particular date yet.

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