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NVIDIA RTX 3000 Series - Here's What We Know So Far

Image credits: NVIDIA GeForce Page


Tomorrow is the D-Day when NVIDIA will announce the next generation of RTX 3000 Series of gaming graphics cards for the general consumer based on its AMPERE architecture under its GeForce branding. In the history of graphics cards released by NVIDIA this has been the one where there have been this amount of leaks as well as official confirmations even before the launch date. With all that said, let's discuss everything we know so far regarding the GPUs that are going to launch tomorrow.


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Launch Dates:

Table credits: wccftech


NVIDIA on August 10th Announced an #ultimatecountdown leading to an event on September 1 featuring a keynote from NVIDIA co-founder and CEO, Jensen Huang. According to leaks and speculations tomorrow NVIDIA will announce either the RTX 3080 or the RTX 3090 or they might announce both cards tomorrow which in my opinion is highly unlikely, my guess is RTX 3090. Later in the month of September they are set to announce the RTX 3080 (if they announce the RTX 3090 tomorrow or vice-versa). NVIDIA is set to announce the RTX 3070 by the end of September. We do not have a lot of information regarding the RTX 3060, we will write about it when we get more details so stay tuned for that and please subscribe to our newsletter to get latest updates.

Cooler Design:

Credits: NVIDIA GeForce YouTube

NVIDIA on August 26th released a video titled "The Remarkable Art & Science of Modern Graphics Card Design" in which the Engineers of NVIDIA talked about how they had to make a few changes to the PCB, the position of fans, reduction of the size of the power connector and a few other things. At the end of the video NVIDIA showed a glimpse of the cooler of the next gen Graphics  card that is set to be released tomorrow confirming the previous leaks showing it to a cooler sporting 2 fans on both sides of the card.

PCB Design:

Image credits: NVIDIA GeForce

There were multiple leaks talking about the V-shaped PCB of the next generation of graphics cards. NVIDIA officially confirmed it, in the same video that we mentioned above, with a graphical design of the PCB cut-out. So, yes the PCB has a V-shaped cut-out, as much as we know for the cooler to fit on it.

12-Pin Power Connector:


credits: NVIDIA GeForce


Also in the same video NVIDIA officially confirmed that it is going to be using a proprietary 12-pin power connector at least for its founders edition of graphics cards and quoted

One of the components we reduced the size significantly was the power connector and designed a new connector which is smaller than the PCI express connector but actually ends up carrying more power.

It is to be noted that few media outlets have confirmed with AIB partners that their cards will come with a standard 8+8 or 6+8 pin PCIe power connector itself.


New Cards To Have Higher TDP:

As many leaks suggested the next generation of graphics cards are going to be power hungry and the above quoted statement from NVIDIA saying, "the 12-pin power connector carries more power", is a confirmation to it. The RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070 are said to come with 350W, 320W and 220W TDP respectively.


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Memory and CUDA Core Specs:

Credits: VideoCardz


VideoCardz posted an article claiming that they have confirmed that the RTX 3090 will have 5248 CUDA cores with 24GB of GDDR6X memory with a 384-bit bus, RTX 3080 will have 4352 CUDA cores with 10GB of GDDR6X memory with a 320-bit bus. Few details of the RTX 2070 are yet to be known.


Performance Improvements:

From the leaks the cards are believed to have a good performance jump over their RTX 2000 series counterparts. Ray Tracing performance is said to be around 40% better compared to the previous generation. There were a few leaks suggesting the RTX 3090 to perform around 40-50% better than the RTX 2080Ti.


NVIDIA keeps the pricing of their graphics cards close to the leather jacket of Jensen Huang. But there have been leaks stating that the RTX 3090 will come in at $1400 USD (few leaks also suggested a price of $2000 USD). In our last article we reported a RTX 3090 listing for pre-order on Taobao for around $2676 USD for MSI Vulcan X-OC and $2,767 USD for the ROG model. 


The RTX 3080 model is rumoured to be priced at around $800 USD, the RTX 3070 is rumoured to launch at around $600 USD and the RTX 3060 is expected to come in at $400 USD.


AIB Cards & Water Blocks At Launch:

On August 10th TweakTown claimed that they have confirmed with their sources that board partners will have the cards ready for shipping on the launch or just days after the launch event. EK Water Blocks have also hinted towards availability of custom water blocks for the RTX 3000 series of graphics cards which you can read more about here.


Also check out our NVIDIA News section where we write all things NVIDIA.

Are you excited for the new cards? Or do you want to wait till Big Navi releases? Do let us know down in the comments section below.

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