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Use Your Laptop As a Monitor For Free | PC Seekers

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If you have an old laptop with a good display and want to use it as a monitor along side your new laptop or a desktop then today we will see how we can use a laptop as a monitor for free without having to spend extra money on new hardware or software.

For this setup all you're going to need are 2 displays that you might already have in the form of a laptop and a desktop or 2 desktops or 2 laptops all with perfectly working screens.

Both these methods will work well in the following cases:
  1. Your desktop monitor as primary and laptop as secondary display
  2. Your Laptop as primary and desktop monitor as secondary display.
  3. Your laptop 1 as primary and laptop 2 as secondary display.
  4. Your desktop 1 as primary and desktop 2 as secondary display.

Why Use Multiple Displays?

  1. For using multiple programs on multiple displays: The fact that you can just drag and drop files from one system to another and stunning visuals of having 2 great looking monitors side by side or one below the other, will reduce the amount of work so much that you no more need to insert or remove USB sticks or upload and download files through the internet from one system to another.

  2. For productivity purposes: Doesn't matter which profession you're in the fact that when you're working on a PC staring at a screen and switching from one window to another is a pain in the butt and we all know that. This multi-monitor setup will help us work more efficiently without having to go through the headache and annoyance of switching between multiple application and windows in the same application.

Use Your Laptop as a Secondary Display:

Using Windows Projection Setting:

  1. Open 'Settings' on Windows in your laptop by using the shortcut 'Windows logo key+I'.
  2. Click on 'System'
  3. Then in the left menu look/search for Clipboard, then click on 'Projecting to this PC'
  4. If you already have wireless display feature already installed then you can simply skip this step. If you do not have the feature installed then do as follows: Click on 'Optional Features' --> 'Add feature' --> Search for display and check the 'Wireless display' box and click 'Install'.
  5. Once you have installed the 'Wireless display' feature just select your preferences from the drop down menus under the respective categories and remember the name of your PC. This is all you need to do the device that you want to setup as a secondary display.
  6. Now on main PC click 'Windows logo key + P' and select your option of preference - select 'Extend' if you want to use the laptop screen as your secondary display - and click on 'Connect to a wireless display'.
  7. Your main PC will look for an available wireless display, once the name of the laptop appears on the list, select it.
  8. Your laptop screen will ask for a confirmation message to connect to the Primary display, accept the request.
  9. Right click on the desktop of the main display and select 'Display settings'.
  10. You can now adjust the position of the secondary display with respect to the primary display under 'Rearrange your display'.

And now you should be able to your your laptop screen as a secondary display.

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