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Password Protect A PDF File From Microsoft Office

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Microsoft office lets you encrypt your documents so that nobody can even view it without  entering a password. Modern versions of office use secure encryption that you can rely on - assuming you set a strong password.

If you wish to password protect your office documents you can read it by clicking here: Password Protect Your Microsoft Word / Excel / Access / PPT With Video Tutorial

Note that once you encrypt the document you will not be able to recover the document if you forget the password. If you forget the password, we at PC Seekers take no responsibility and won't be able to help you in any way.

Password Protect Your PDF File:

Method 1: Using Microsoft Office

Once you are done working on any document in Microsoft office and want to prevent anybody from reading it or editing it without entering a password that you have set on it just follow the steps mentioned below. This should work for all the most recent versions of Microsoft Office.

  1. Once you are done working on the document, click the file menu button and click 'save as'.
  2. Then from the Save as Type drop down menu select 'PDF'
  3. Then from the 'Tools' or 'options' drop down menu select 'General Options' or 'Encrypt the document with a password' depending on the version of office you are using.
  4. Then enter the password that you want yourself or anybody else to enter before getting access to the contents of the document. You can also enter a password to restrict users from modifying the document. Then click 'OK'
  5. Then re-enter the password that you entered in the 'Password to open' field. Then click 'OK'. If you also have entered a password in the 'Password to modify' field you also need to re-enter it and click 'OK'.
  6. Now click 'Save'.
  7. Next time you open the document you will be asked to enter a password before you can read or modify it.

This encryption feature can help you protect the contents of the documents particularly if you store them on external hard disks or USB drives or on an online back up storage like Google Drive or One Drive.

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