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What is User Account Control (UAC) in Windows?

What is User Account Control (UAC)?

                    You must have seen a prompt before installing / uninstalling any application in your PC running windows or when you are trying to make any changes to your device. It must look something like this.

User Account Control is an important security feature in the latest versions of Windows. Before every small change being made in the software of the device you are prompted with this window.

Working with this version of User Account Control (UAC) is so easy. If you were trying to make changes to the PC then you click 'Yes' else you simply push 'No'.

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Back in those times before and during when people used Windows XP, you might remember there used to be several accounts on a single PC. One was called an Administrator account and the other accounts were called Standard User Accounts. 

Using a Standard User Account for day to day computing or to install applications or to run an application with maximum privileges was a complicated process. For example, to install an application one had to right click it's '.exe' file and select Run as Administrator. Once you did this you had to enter Administrator account's password , which would be completely different from a Standard User Account Password.

What does User Account Control (UAC) do?

              It helps fix the architectural problem of the previous versions of Windows. Now people can use Administrator Account for day to day computing, but applications running in Administrator Account do not run under full Administrative access. For example, when using UAC, Internet Explorer and other web browsers don’t run with administrator privileges – this helps protect you from vulnerabilities in your browser and other applications.

The only price you have to pay for using UAC is you occasionally have to select Yes, if you want to make changes to your PC, or No if you were not making any changes and neither expecting a prompt. It's very easy compared to using a Standard User Account.

Using UAC you can make a less privileged account more convenient:

              Adjusting the lever you can specify when you want to be notified by UAC dialog box.

Note: We do not recommend you to disable UAC.

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