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Internet Security Tips To Keep Hackers Away

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We have already written a lot about internet security tips on this blog. This time we get them all together to provide a thorough knowledge on Internet security. To start off lets first talk about the internet security myths one has.

1. Visiting 'Safe' Websites: In today's time, no website is safe.
2. You don't have any data that is useful to hackers: If you use internet then any type and amount of data can be misused by hackers.
3. Macs don't get viruses: An age-old myth. Mac users need as much protection as users of Windows.

There are many more myths regarding the internet security like 'You don't need to connect to internet', 'security software slowdown your system' where as the above said ones are the more common or general myths.

Now if you are not of those who hold the myths then stay with me, we are going to go on a long ride.

Tip 1: Be Smart with Passwords: Use uppercase, lowercase, characters and numbers in your passwords.

Tip 2: Beware of Online Scams: There have been, there are and there will be many scammers scamming you on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Gmail. Be smart don't fall for such scams.

Tip 3: Lock Your Device: Use a Pin, Password, Pattern or Num lock to lock your device. So that if in case you loose your device the one who stole it does not have any easy access to your personal information and data. Try adding an emergency contact on your lock screen so that other people can contact you in case you lose your device.

Tip 4: Update your Software: Use up-to-date Anti-Virus, browser, OS, software. People behind them are working hard to provide you a safe place to store your personal data.

Tip 5: Log Out After Every Session: Avoid selecting 'Keep me logged in' or 'Remember me'. Always log out (on Facebook, Gmail etc.) after every session.

Tip 6: Free Software Are Not Safe In All Cases: Always try to download licenced and legit software. Download free software only from verified publishers.

Tip 7: Shop From Trusted Sites: Your money, debit and credit cards and data are safe with well-known trusted websites. There is always and a greater chance of fraud while shopping at not-so-popular sites.

Tip 8: Know Your Online Friends: Accept friend request only from people you know. It is not bad to make new friends but online fraudsters use your 'kindness' against you and scam you for money and a lot of personal data.

Tip 9: Use Secure Websites: Any address or URL starting with 'https://.....' indicates a safe and encrypted connection. Where as any address or URL starting with 'http://.......' indicates a safe connection but not encrypted. Apart from these any other URL connection is neither safe nor encrypted.

Tip 10: Use Two Step Verification: You can double your account security by opting for two step or two factor verification. After setting up a two step verification, every time you login to your account you will obviously have to enter the right password but then you will also have to enter an OTP (One Time Password) which will be sent to your registered mobile number. It will be a bit annoying if you constantly keep logging out and in to your account but the security is worth the annoyance.

Tip 11: Use an Anti-Virus: Having a genuine antivirus installed and keeping it up-to-date in your PC is a mandatory in these days of increasing cyber crime and digital banking. An antivirus may not always secure your data from viruses and malwares but a trusted antivirus can always come in handy and prove more efficient.

Thank You, have a safe browsing experience.

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