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Should You Buy A Laptop or A Desktop?

Thinking of buying yourself a PC but are not sure to go for a laptop or a desktop? Let us see different criteria which may help you decide which one to go for.

Hardware Configuration: If you have ever gone searching for an ideal laptop which has just the hardware configuration as you expected it to have then I bet you, it would have been a disaster. You will hardly find a laptop which may fulfill all your hardware requirements in your budget (Not impossible though). Where as on the other hand an assembled Desktop will have all the hardware configuration you assumed perfect or ideal for your usage.

Performance: In terms of performance desktops are clear winners. In every field from processing the simplest form of calculations to using heavy applications like AutoCAD 2016 and other applications which may require a lot of heavy processing and a heavy GPU usage. If your concern is the performance of your PC then you should prefer a desktop.

Gaming: When it comes to gaming the first thing that comes to your mind is GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). With GPU you should have a good cooling system on your PC. Desktops have a lot of void space in the CPU which helps its ventilation system where as a laptop is now a days as compacted as it can get which I don't think is a good thing for the heating issues unless the hardware is so built that it can take heavy loads without any heating.

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Future Upgrades: One of the drawbacks of laptops is that, due to the size and configuration of components, usually relatively little can be done to upgrade the overall computer from its original design or add components. Internal upgrades are either not manufacturer-recommended, can damage the laptop if done with poor care or knowledge, or in some cases impossible, making the desktop PC more modular and upgradable. Desktop PCs typically have a case that has extra empty space inside, where users can install new components.

Portability: A laptop is designed for portability. Laptops are light weight and mostly a single piece compared to desktops. If you are a frequent traveller and use PC then there is no meaning in having a desktop.

Price: For same hardware configuration the price of a laptop (in my view) is relatively higher than that of a desktop.

Fragility and Ruggedness: Laptops and its components are fragile and they are not meant for rugged use, where as a desktop is more rugged.

If you ask my personal opinion then I would recommend you a desktop PC unless you need your PC at different locations.

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