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Youtube - Tips and Tricks

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Keyboard Shortcuts:
While watching a video, you can use left/right arrow keys to jump/back forward 5 seconds. You can use K to pause and play, J and L to rewind and forward by 10 seconds, F for full screen and M to mute. Up and down arrows can be used to adjust volume. Number keys 1 to 9 can be used to scrub through the video (where 1 is 10% and 9 is 90%).

Magic Actions For YouTube:
Magic Actions is one of the most feature rich browser extensions for YouTube. Once you add the extension, it opens a settings page where you can enable a lot of handy features including volume control using your mouse scroll wheel, force HD or 4k video playback, hide ads, bypass country restrictions, enable cinema mode as well as a speed booster for faster video loading.
Click here to download the extension.

Playback Shared Videos From A Specific Time:
You can share a video with playback starting at a specific time. When sharing, look out for the 'Start at' box, check it and enter a time. Or you can just add '?t=3m10s' to the end of the URL of the video. (For the video to start from 3 minutes and 10 seconds).

GIFs From YouTube Videos:
Want to capture a funny moment from a YouTube video in a 15 second GIF format? Just open the YouTube video and in the URL type ' gif ' before (it should read Click Enter or search icon.

It will redirect you to another page where you can select upto a 15 second clip to be converted to a gif video or file. Once you have selected the animation time click 'Create Gif'.

It will again redirect you to a new page where you can add text, effects, stickers to the GIF. Once done you can download the GIF to your PC. If you are doing this for the first time, you will have to sign up on (only if it asks you to).

Karaoke YouTube:
Ever wanted to sing?
There are loads of music videos that come embedded with lyrics as subtitles. Type a song name followed by Karaoke in the search bar of YouTube to view videos with Karaoke support. To use it as a Karaoke machine, you can connect your phone or laptop to your TV and use a mixer to attach external speakers and a microphone.If the lyrics are not present or not good, get a free browser extension called YouTube Lyrics -it will show you lyrics right next to the video.
Tips: 1. Press B on the keyboard to change colours and styles of the subtitles for better visibility.
2. Press C to enable captions/subtitles for the video.

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