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Enable Developer Options - You Can Do Things Without Rooting Your Smartphone

Image by Memed_Nurrohmad from Pixabay
We all know that Android offers us a platform to do anything, literally anything. From using our Smartphone to SMS and call our friends to using and even creating our own customised ROM. To do these things you will have to ROOT your smartphone and to ROOT your smartphone can sometimes be disadvantageous. Today we are just going to learn about some settings which are fun in a sense and some are just the geeky level - Developer options and you do not need to ROOT your smartphone.

To enable Developer options go to Settings --> About --> Software Information --> Now continuously tap the Build number for almost 10 times and there you go. Now go back to settings, scroll down to the bottom and the penultimate option is your Developer options.

Desktop backup password: If you create local backups of your Android device over USB, you can protect them with a password with the Desktop backup password option. This password encrypts your backups to secure them, so you won’t be able to access them if you do not know the password or if you forget it.

Stay awake: screen will never sleep while charging.

Process Stats: It provides you stats about the running processes. Some of the stats provided are Average RAM use, Maximum RAM use and many more as shown.

USB debugging: While transferring data through wired connections like USB enabling USB debugging mode can make your life easier. You can always give it a try.

Allow mock locations: Using this setting you can mock your location. For example if you are using messenger then you can send your location to the other guy/gal, by enabling this setting you can send them a location where you have never been :P

Show touches: Provides you visual feedbacks of your touches.

Pointer location: Gives you a full map of your touches on the screen.

Show surface updates and Show layout bounds: Enabling the former will blink your screen after every update of the window and the later will give you layouts of each window.

Force RTL layout direction: This setting is intended for our lefty, left handed friends. The layout of the smartphone completely shifts from right to left. Yes my dear left handed friends android is not neglecting you.

Window animation scale, Animation duration scale and Animator duration scale: These settings are intended to increase the speed of your smartphone. Just try them and you will understand yourself.

Simulate Secondary displays: It can create secondary displays on the existing screen of your smartphone.

Force 4x MSAA: This setting as claimed by gaming geeks improves your gaming experience on your smartphone.

Simulate colour space: This setting can be used to change the colours of your screen from monochromatic to blue light filtered. So you now know that you do not have to install any apps to filter blue light emitting from your smartphone.

Background process limit: You can limit the number of processes or applications running in the background.
If you have anything else to add to this list, do let us know down in the comments section below.

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