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Detect Fake Applications & Protect Your Smartphone

You may have installed applications you think are genuine but you may have been fooled by cyber-criminals who are in constant search of private information of individuals, organisations or institutions.Google play store is like a public domain where every one can disclose their APP related abilities. That means there are individuals/organisations who are working hard to provide better services and also there are individuals/organisations are ready to get hold of some sensitive information and make profit through it in illegal methods. If you submit your personal information into the fake applications your information, profile and may be even the data on the smartphone can be compromised. I will teach you how to detect fake applications in just 3 steps.

1. Always check the name of Publisher:   You might have installed applications which may ask your personal information like your email, name, phone number etc. If the application is from a genuine publisher your information will only be used to analyse the customers and provide better services but if the application is from fake developers as I have stated above then your information may have been compromised. In the screenshot below the marked section is where the name of the Publisher is shown:

2. Check reviews for the app: Reviews can not only give you an idea of how good the application is but also if the customers are satisfied with the services provided, In the page shown in the above image if you scroll/slide down the page you can find the rating of the application and its reviews in case if you do not know how to check reviews.

3. Check the release/update date of the app: This is the difficult part. If you remember the date the original application was released do check it out if it matches. Also note that Applications from verified publishers are constantly updated. Click /tap on the 'Read more' button you will be forwarded to another page giving the detailed description of the app and if you scroll or slide to the bottom of this page you will find the release/update date of the app. 

So if you have detected fake applications do let us know down in the comments section below.
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