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5 Reasons why you should not ROOT your smartphone

There are both advantages and disadvantages of ROOTing your smartphone. Only ROOT your smartphone if you believe you can tolerate these 5 problems.

1. OTA updates will no longer be available: OTA updates released by the company to major/minor bugs or to improve the performance of your smartphone. To get these OTA updates you will have to UNROOT your smartphone but in some cases even after unrooting the smartphone the OTA updates cannot be installed because you may get some error messages and then you will have to flash your stock ROM which a risky process during which your smartphone may get bricked. So I recommend you to think twice before you ROOT your smartphone.

2. Custom ROM full of bugs: These days many of the smartphones are ROOTed for the Custom ROM to make those personalisations and tweeks which are not possible with the stock ROM. But some of these custom ROMs are full of bugs. Some of the indications for bugs in the custom ROM are your wifi may turn off automatically, Bluetooth won't run or you may find no signal even if you have inserted a SIM card into your smartphone.

3. Unnecessary app permissions: There are applications which may ask permission to access ROOT. These applications get stick in your smartphone and the full OS of the smartphone is controlled by these applications. These applications also install some unnecessary applications into your smartphone and you may also get some unnecessary advertisements on your lock screen. So make sure you only give ROOT access to applications you trust.

4. Invitation to Virus: Remember once you ROOT your smartphone it is vulnerable to virus attacks.

5. Warranty will be Void: Once you ROOT your smartphone its warranty will be void and you can no longer claim your warranty. If after ROOTing your smartphone it gets damaged or a virus attack occurs and your smartphone is no longer working then you cannot repair your smartphone for free claiming your warranty even if last date of warranty is still due. You will have to spend money to repair your smartphone.

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